Gym Booty Guide Phase 2/ $4 a week

$50.00 $35.00

Are you in a plateau? Stuck on what to do next? Do you want to take your fitness journey to a whole other level? Then this plan is perfect for you!

A 12 week advanced full body plan, designed to train on average 4-6 times a week.

This guide comes with:

  • How and why to activate your glutes
  • Activating routine
  • Why is rest important
  • ‘Why aren’t I seeing results?” Stress!
  • How to set up your workouts
  • What weight to start with
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Motivation
  • Trusting the process
  • My best/favorite updated key tips for life and building muscle etc.
  • Supplements: What they are/ how to intergarte them into your lifestyle
  • Macros: What they are/ how to calculate then
  • Foods to aim for
  • Weekly grocery list (Categorized by food groups)
  • Recipes
  • Nutrient timing: What is it and why it’s important

Workouts for 12 weeks (Full body)

  1. Glutes (Under booty, side booty, and “Shelf”)
  2. Abs
  3. Body fat (HIIT)
  4. Shoulders
  5. Arms
  6. Back
  7. Chest

How to download:
A PDF file will be sent to your email after purchase

Videos are on public instagrams, please refer to each week of the guide. Each week has a different account name 🙂

Questions? Please email: Mgfitnesscontact@gmail.com

  • 1 time payment
  • No refunds
  • Sharing or selling of any of my guides is prohibited/Illegal

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